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What is it called when your low-hanging testicles touch toilet water?


  1. Joseph Corsale says:


  2. Dustin says:

    Dunkin DoNuts

  3. Jann says:

    old age?

  4. Graybeard says:

    I called it a sudden shock.

  5. heyhey says:

    I believe what you’ve discovered is a wanted word. I nominate you to make up a name for it and somehow get it in some giant book of idioms.

  6. JOHN says:


  7. Sparki says:

    You’re either very short
    or old.

  8. Benetchi says:

    Me Gusta

  9. Ultra Louise says:

    bouncing rubber ballls aha

  10. Raymi G says:

    Ahhh! It seems that you have a rare case of "The Toilet Tickle". I recommend *censored*. *censored* with anyone. Woman, Man, Dog, Cat, Your hand. Anything to rid you of the excess Sperm you have stored in those Giganto-Balls of yours. But you must act fast or else this might get serious and your nuts will turn yellow.

  11. Dylan says:

    Saggin’ and draggin’

  12. clarebearxoxx says:

    Bobbing for apples

  13. Mark Geist says:

    no matter how much *censored* your balls wont shrink, I have the bad case of the "Bulls Nuts" too best advice is to squat just over the bowl so they wont touch.

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